Ben Henderson
Ben believes in ...

The building blocks for a strong and sustainable Edmonton


This is the time to build an Edmonton for the future. We must support change and growth that makes Edmonton an attractive and successful city for decades to come. We need to ensure we pass on an even better city to the next generation.


I believe we need to focus on the following issues:


Smart Planning


The City must continue to halt urban sprawl and encourage growth in the existing neighbourhoods of this city. However, growth and change within our mature neighbourhoods must be done thoughtfully and carefully. Our communities will change, but these changes must increase the health and livability of our communities.

New transportation plans through existing neighbourhoods must respect and serve the needs of residents and not simply the desires of commuters.


Public Engagement


Now that the City has committed to a new public engagement policy, we must ensure that it is fully embraced by all departments of the City. We must commit to connecting with the knowledge, desires and experience of our citizens as a regular part of our decision making process.


Public Transportation, Walkways, and Bikes


We must continue to build the LRT system as quickly as possible. Our new transit plan has to deliver a bus system that is efficient, affordable and convenient for the whole city.

We must facilitate and encourage active transit, including walking and cycling. These means continuing the work to provide safe pedestrian crossings and safe bike infrastructure, particularly in areas with heavy demand.

We must stand by Vision Zero, a commitment to no fatalities or serious injuries due to collisions. This includes using the powers given to us by the Province to lower speed limits on local residential streets throughout the City.


Quality of Life


We must support and strengthen those things that make Edmonton a vibrant and modern city in all seasons: affordable housing, volunteerism, arts, festivals, libraries, parks, sports and recreation.

We must take pride in and support our diversity: differences of culture, sexual orientation, age, and ability. It is our diversity that makes our city a place where individuals and families want to live; a city that attracts and retains people and business.


Leadership in Environmental Sustainability


This city has the chance and the responsibility to be at the forefront of environmental sustainability. This means a real commitment to meeting our greenhouse gas targets

We must also continue our work on environmental sustainability in the areas of water, solid waste, biodiversity, protection of natural areas, preservation of our city’s trees, and limiting the use of herbicides and pesticides.


Safe Communities


We must step up our commitment to proactive community safety initiatives, in particular encouraging the police to commit further to community policing.

We must push forward on the work of REACH recognizing that real long term change in crime and safety can only be brought about by preventative work with struggling families and youth.


Housing and Poverty Reduction


The City must complete its commitment to the ten-year plan to end homelessness and the housing first strategy. Those strategies have already seen significant success. We must stay fully committed to the work of End Poverty Edmonton, the City’s long-term poverty elimination strategy.