Ben Henderson

Updated September 16th, 2017

Our Campaign Office is now open. It will usually be open noon to 8:30 weekdays and Saturday noon to 4. Please drop by.


The address is 10364 Whyte Ave.


Ben is currently knocking on doors throughout the ward.

Election Day is Monday October 16, 2017


If you would like to VOLUNTEER or take LAWN SIGN please phone us at 780 760 0100 email us at or drop by the office 10364 Whyte Ave.

Click Ben Believes for Ben's Platform


I you are wanting info on Ben's campaign you can reach him at

phone: 780-760-0100


twitter: ben_hen



5 - 10020 Jasper Ave

Edmonton, AB

T5J 1R2

Ben being sworn in by Mayor Stephen Mandel prior to the Inaugural meeting on Tuesday October 23rd 2007.