Waste Management Strategy

This month, Council approved the City’s new Waste Management Strategy, which will transform the way we manage waste over the next 25 years. The recommendations outlined in the strategy will be phased in over the next few years, and will play an integral role as we continue our goal of diverting 90 per cent of our city’s waste from landfills.

The biggest difference residents will experience will be the shift to sorting waste at home. This initiative is slated to begin in late 2020 for detached and single-family homes. Each household will receive a green cart for organics, leaves, grass clippings and other compostable yard waste, as well as a black cart for anything that doesn’t belong in organics or recycling. These two-wheeled carts have secure lids and comfortable handles, making them easy to move and keeping their contents safe from animals. The collection of recycling and the use of blue bags will not change and will continue to be picked up weekly.

Green carts will be collected weekly in spring through fall, with bi-weekly collection in the winter months. There will be additional collection days to help manage seasonal increases in organic waste during spring and fall yard clean up times. Black carts will be collected on a biweekly basis, and residents can choose from either a 120-litre (2-3 bags) or 240-litre (4-6 bags) black cart.  In order to be able to meet our waste diversion goals, we appreciate you separating organic waste like food scraps from other types of waste. This at-home sorting system will help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.

In preparation for the city-wide use of this new system, the cart system is currently being piloted in 8,000 Edmonton households. This pilot has been successful so far, and has enabled Administration to address real-time issues while preparing for a smooth city-wide roll out.

The guidelines and recommendations outlined in the Waste Management Strategy will help us move towards our goal of Climate Resilience, and will help to create a greener future for Edmonton.


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