50th Street and the tracks

Making the Grade

For years when people travelled on 50th Street, often the first thought was “How long will I have to wait for that train today?”   Delays on this busy transportation corridor are infamous in Edmonton and driver irritation has only grown with an increase of traffic volume.   And traffic tie-ups are costly in time, additional fuel costs, idling fumes, as well as driver frustration.

Now, after years of discussion with the Provincial and Federal Governments there finally is good news.

The Prime Minister made an announcement confirming funding is now committed through the National Trade Corridors Fund for this project intended to improve movement on the 50 Street route. The Alberta Minister of Transportation has also confirmed Provincial money and the City has earmarked funds to move the work along.

North of the Sherwood Park Freeway will be a grade separation of the road and the rail crossing.   To support and enhance active, alternative transportation the City will install new sidewalks and multi-use paths.  And, as identified in the 2010 concept plan, the street will be widened to six lanes between 76 Avenue and 90 Avenue to lessen congestion.

Construction timelines need to be established and we should know more details about the project at an upcoming Public Information Session.   Please attend the meeting on June 26 at The King’s University, 9125 – 50 Street, between 5:00 – 8:00 pm.  Visit the 50 Street Widening page on the City website for a map of the project scope and other information.

If you have questions about any City issue, please feel free to contact me at ben.henderson@edmonton.ca or 780-496-8146, or follow me on Twitter @ben_hen




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