March 2019

Benefits of Composting

According to Environment Canada, biodegradable materials, such as food waste, make up around 40 per cent of all residential waste in Canada. As we continue to place an increasingly higher importance on sustainability and living in an environmentally conscious way, there are a number of simple steps we can take to decrease our impact.

One of the simplest things we can do is reduce the amount of waste that gets picked up, hauled to transfer stations, processed and taken to landfills and composting facilities. When individuals make a small effort to separate organic matter, it opens up room for the City to develop a better system that can more efficiently divert and handle our waste.

Composting is actually quite a simple, straightforward process. Instead of dropping your kitchen scraps into the trash with the rest of your household waste, collect them in a separate container and transfer them to a compost bin that you tend to every so often. If done right you won’t notice an odour, and it requires minimal investment of time and money on your behalf. Some neighbourhoods even have compost collection stations in their community gardens you can add to.

This minor change can not only reduce the burden on the City’s waste system and positively impact the environment, it has the potential to save the City millions of dollars that can be used for other vital programs. In an effort to make composting as easy as possible the City has a number of online resources at that describe how to start, what you can and can’t compost and tips to ensure success.

The City also offers hands-on workshops where you can learn everything you need to know about composting. Should you need some help along the way, we’ve gathered a team of Master Composter

Recycler volunteers who have extensive training and are passionate about waste reduction, sustainability and composting. Master Composter Recyclers are reliable and friendly Edmontonians who are excited about helping others with composting and waste reduction.

When we look at the big picture it is simple to see how a few small changes in each of our households could result in an impressive shift for our city. By rerouting 30 to 40 per cent of our organic waste away from our landfills we can save money, add life to our community gardens and build a more sustainable future.

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