Exciting New Skatepark Opens! Free Recreation!

June 2014

I want to share my excitement about the opening of the brand-new Fulton Ravine South Skatepark in my ward. There are only a few skate parks in all of Edmonton, and this brand new one is already very popular with active citizens of all ages.

The Fulton Ravine South Skatepark can be seen from Terrace Road and 98 avenue; some call it the “Capilano” skatepark, being on the northwest corner of Capilano Mall.

This free recreational opportunity is open to all wheeled non-motorized users, notably skateboards, bicycles and in-line skates. The concrete construction of the skatepark makes it very low maintenance; the design includes many unique features that enhance a continuous flow throughout the park.

This was made possible by funding from the Province, City, from the South East Community Leagues Association (SECLA) as well as private donors. It only came about due to long term and excellent cooperation from many many community volunteers and city staff. The project has been shepherded through many hurdles by the South East Community Leagues Association (SECLA) over several years.  Special mention must go to Bob Hutchinson and Bob Gerlock, as well as SECLA chair Lori Jeffery-Heaney.  Without the dedication and sheer determination of these community volunteers, this special project would not have been possible. My hat goes off to all who had a hand in bringing this fun new opportunity to all Edmontonians.

You can always contact me at phone (780) 496-8146 or at ben.henderson@edmonton.ca, and you can follow me on Twitter @Ben-Hen

Ben Henderson, Councillor, Ward 8


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