Edmonton Magazine’s ‘Best Neighbourhoods’ List Gives Ward 8 Some Bragging Rights

1 August, 2012

Edmonton-based Avenue Magazine released their first annual poll results of Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods, according to its readers.  Strathcona tops the list, while Garneau, Cloverdale, and Belgravia all won mentions in the best places to live in Edmonton.

Four of the top ten neighbourhoods are in Ward 8, and it’s no surprise.  Avenue reports respondents listed walkability, green space, and character amongst the most desirable traits, and the mature neighbourhoods of our ward score well in these regards.

Do you agree with the results?  What makes your neighbourhood the best?

To see the full list of winning neighbourhoods and read more about the results of the poll, visit: http://www.avenueedmonton.com/articles/readers-choice-10-best-neighbourhoods

For the role parks play in desirable neighbourhoods, http://www.avenueedmonton.com/articles/10-best-neighbourhoods-the-price-of-parks

Profile on Strathcona: http://www.avenueedmonton.com/articles/10-best-neighbourhoods-strathcona

Profile on Garneau: http://www.avenueedmonton.com/articles/10-best-neighbourhoods-garneau

Profile on Cloverdale: http://www.avenueedmonton.com/articles/10-best-neighbourhoods-cloverdale

Profile on Belgravia: http://www.avenueedmonton.com/articles/10-best-neighbourhoods-crestwood-highlands-belgravia-windermere-and-parkallen




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