Neighbourhood Speed Reduction Policy Still a Possibility

July 5, 2012

Cllr. Henderson worked to get the issue of neighbourhood speed reduction policy back on Council’s agenda after it was shot down in Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.  On July 4, Council passed the proposal 8-5 to ask Administration to bring back a policy for their discussion and approval to them in the fall.  This policy would allow neighbourhoods who have concerns about speeding to request that the City provide speed reduction options, including the possibility of a reduced 40 km/h speed limit, if a majority of residents support the request.

Ben noted that a number of neighbourhoods have requested the option to ask for a reduced speed limit as one way to curb speeding and traffic safety issues, and that the data supports reduced speeds as key in reducing severe traffic collisions as well as increasing the odds of a pedestrian surviving impact from a vehicle.

After the Speed Reduction Pilot Project, three of the six test communities elected to keep the 40 km/h limit.  For more information on the pilot,

For more information on this and other developments from City Council this week,

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