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Waste Management Strategy

This month, Council approved the City’s new Waste Management Strategy, which will transform the way we manage waste over the next 25 years. The recommendations outlined in the strategy will be phased in over the next few years, and will … Continue reading

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March 2019 Benefits of Composting According to Environment Canada, biodegradable materials, such as food waste, make up around 40 per cent of all residential waste in Canada. As we continue to place an increasingly higher importance on sustainability and living … Continue reading

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Densification in mature neighbourhoods

Garden suites In recent years, you have probably heard about the desire to keep our core neighbourhoods vital, attractive, and sustainable.  Densification and residential infill in older parts of the city are steps we can take to help make sure … Continue reading

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Speeding versus community livability

May 2014 I have heard much concern on the issue of speed limits, and photo radar over the past few months. While we all need to get from point A to point B quickly, efficiently and safely, it is important … Continue reading

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The Winter Parking Conundrum

Three years ago, the winter streets of Edmonton rarely saw a full cycle of neighbourhood blading. At that time, citizens were quite vocal that the general policy of ‘freeze it where it falls until it thaws,’ was not sufficient. In … Continue reading

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Let’s End Poverty in Edmonton

DECEMBER 2013 Around this time of year, we often reflect on how fortunate we are — to maintain our health and to live in a prosperous city with opportunity. However, throughout Edmonton there is a large population of those who … Continue reading

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City borrowing to build is ‘smart debt’

There are a number of misconceptions about the city’s budget that I would like to clarify. First, the city is not legally allowed to run a deficit in our operating budget, meaning we cannot take on debt to run the … Continue reading

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Rules of the winter-free road

The City of Edmonton is proud to launch the third season of our bike awareness and education campaign, “Let’s Get There Together.” This campaign encourages cyclists and motorists to watch out for each other and share the road, to ensure … Continue reading

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Bike Corrals near Whyte Ave Just in Time for Fringe

24 August, 2012 The four bike corrals installed along Whyte Ave are a hit!  Ben was on hand to unveil the City’s three-month pilot project just in time for the Fringe Festival, and so far the response has been overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Possibilities for the City of Edmonton

29 June 2012   We are increasingly more energy efficient as a city.  However, the new Renewable Energy Taskforce Report suggests we can do more.  Supporting renewable energy development will not only reduce our operations costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) … Continue reading

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